50th Birthday

It is an exciting year for the Group Therapy Centre with birthday events planned in Cambridge for 2019!

The Group Therapy Centre has been established for some time, providing specialist group psychological therapy. It supports those dealing with mental health and emotional worries. Originally based in Cambridge, the Centre has recently expanded to run groups in Huntingdon and Ely.

Since 1969, many thousands of people have benefited from our specialist psychological treatment service. Now, the Centre sees over 100 people each week through assessments and group sessions.

This year marks our 50th Birthday!

The Centre was born out of the therapeutic community established at Fulbourn Hospital in the late 1950’s.

50 years on, we continue to support those experiencing mental health or emotional worries in the local area. For our 50th Birthday we will be holding some celebratory birthday events in Cambridge. We want to raise awareness of what we do so that we can help even more people in the area.

You can help support our work by getting in touch.

Although we have been operating for 50 years, there are many people locally who have not yet heard about us. We want to use our 50th birthday year to celebrate how far we have come and get people talking. Let’s start a conversation about mental health in Cambridgeshire!

Stay tuned for some exciting birthday events in Cambridge this year!

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