Distraction techniques

The Group Therapy Centre’s trainee CBT therapist, Juliette Walsh, has been with the Centre for some time now and has been conducting assessments and supporting CBT groups for the Centre.

Take a look at Juliette’s guide on distraction techniques to help you if you are feeling particularly anxious or overwhelmed.

Distraction techniques

Our brain is a powerful organ. Thoughts control our emotions, our behaviours, they drive our senses and they help us understand our environment.

But these thoughts can trigger unhealthy responses, they can do more detriment than good.

Below are some simple distraction techniques that can be used to help deviate away from potential triggers for unhealthy behaviours.

Count by numbers

Starting from 1000, subtract 7, continue to subtract 7 until you feel you can refocus.

Beautiful memories

Think of a memory that makes you feel happiness, fulfilment & at peace with yourself.

It is important you focus on a memory you feel comfortable will not cause you more emotional unrest.

Go crazy with music

Find your favourite song. Play it on loud & sing its melody. Really listen to the beat, get lost in the rhythm. Re-energise.

Describe & Distract

Pick something in the room, an object with a lot of detail. Focus on that object and describe every detail you see. Therefore, by fixating on the external object, you can shift away from your internal thoughts.


Although we would always recommend you seek professional help through your GP or a service like ours if things are getting difficult, these techniques can give you a starting point to get help. Sometimes making the call to get help can make us feel particularly stressed or anxious and these distraction techniques might just be what you need to get you started on your journey to recover positive mental health.


The information provided on this website is to be used for information only and does not substitute treatment from a medical professional. Please get professional medical advice relating to any medical condition or questions you may have. 

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