What is Schema?

Schema Therapy was developed in order to help people who experience  problems in their relationships with others and/or have long-standing emotional difficulties.  It is an integrative approach to psychological treatment combining  into one model aspects of cognitive-behaviour, object relations and gestalt therapies.


Schema therapy can help individuals identify the thought and behaviour patterns underlying and perpetuating mental health problems.

You may find Schema therapy helpful if any of the following apply to you:

• You find yourself over-reacting to certain situation (which may lead to impulsive behaviours that you later regret).

• You are drawn to the same type of partner over and over, even your emotional needs are not met in these relationships.

• You feel stuck in habitual patterns or addictive behaviours that you can’t seem to change.

• You struggle to say no, or with the thought of others disliking you.

• You have low self- esteem or confidence, which holds you back from fulfilling your potential.


We run two Schema groups: Wednesday at 6 pm and Friday at 5:30pm. Both sessions last for an hour and a half. You must have attended the CBT course before attending Schema.


The sessions are held at 3 Downing Place.


Please call us on 01223 357221 to come in for an initial meeting with one of our therapists.