What is Group Psychotherapy?

  • We use a model based on group analysis, which is particularly useful for people with deep-seated issues.
  • It looks to provide support, understanding and significant personal change. This is through weekly meetings in a safe and secure setting over a period of time.
  • Group analysis draws on the insights of psychoanalysis and sociology. As well as this it draws on the basic concept that we are essentially social beings: we need to feel we are not alone, and to know that others have difficulties like ourselves.
  • Through exploring our experiences and feelings in a supportive atmosphere, people can see themselves through the eyes of others.
  • Talking with fellow group members can be both a relief and a powerful catalyst for development.
  • Our longer term groups help with issues around relationships, self-esteem, trauma, anxieties and phobias, low or unstable mood, and general alienation. Sometimes we just don’t feel at home in the world. As well as addressing difficult issues and life experiences, group analysis can uncover the creativity and unrecognised aspirations of those in the group.


  • This type of group psychotherapy affects the deepest levels of the personality. Therefore, this means that it is suitable for those committed to spending time on their therapy. Most of us know when our problems need a good long look. You can expect to be in the group for at least a year, although people often choose to stay longer.
  • To ensure safe and discreet meetings, group meetings are confidential and those involved are asked not to meet each other outside the sessions while in therapy. It takes a little while to settle into a long term therapy group, but once you do you can experience the support and insight an analytic group can offer. Our groups are always run by highly qualified professionals.


  • We provide multiple weekly groups, each with one therapist and up to eight people from a variety of different backgrounds.
  • Sessions are for one-and-a-half hours, at a specific time during the day or evening, with breaks at Christmas, Easter and in the summer. There are at least 42 sessions a year.


  • We currently run group psychotherapy in Central Cambridge.


  • Please call us on 01223 357221 to come in for an initial meeting with one of our therapists.


For further information about group psychotherapy and group analysis refer to the following links:

Group Analytic Society International: https://groupanalyticsociety.co.uk

Institute of Group Analysis: www.groupanalysis.org